Monday, April 12, 2010


Same old things going on, but I am almost finished with school!!
I lack 4 shifts of clinical, and then I am done!! Graduation is May 8. I am so excited.

And... I got the Pediatric Residency job at Vanderbilt which was my first choice! So excited! That will start in July.

Of course... I do have to pass the NCLEX still. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We are floralizing! :) Below is our kitchen windowsill. I have 2 Flaming violets in vases trying to sprout roots, a beautiful yellow begonia, a pot I just seeded with pansies, and 2 plants that have sprouted from Grandma's garden, but the name escapes me. It's the green with pink leaves. Here is an orchid I just potted in glass, hoping the roots will look interesting. When I pulled it out of the pot I bought it in, bonus! It's really 2 plants!
A bromeliad...
A Cycad....
And this little pansy sprout came up today...which means the pansy and I have the same birthday. :)
Later on, Jesse and I are meeting both our families for dinner for my birthday at Ted's. Then cake! :)
Pictures later hopefully. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last Post Was When???

Wow, so apparently I haven't posted anything since September?? Hmm. Ok, so catch up since then...

I cut my hair... sent it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (

There was Christmas...
We spent Christmas Eve with the Kings. We had Christmas together at our apartment at about 6AM! Then to the Hannah side, grandparents, and then relaxed.

Our first Christmas Tree!! :) Smelled sooo good.
I made us some stockings for our place.
There was NEW YORK... for New Years...
We went primarily for New Years Eve, but stayed several days to hit the Met, Guggenheim, MoMA, and Museum of Natural History. We also went up to the Empire State Building at 2AM on the windiest and coldest night ever. We ate at the Michael Jordan Steak House in Grand Central Station, Hillstone, and other local places we found. On New Years Eve we were at TGI Fridays where we could just see the ball which is soooo disappointing! It's tiny!! But it was great to be in that atmosphere. We stayed at Hotel 3030. It snowed and we walked through a white Central Park. It was such a great trip. I can't wait to go back!...Maybe when it's warm!

This was such a fun trip, but oh so cold!
Time square
Time Square at Midnight on New Years Eve!
There was A LOT of snow!...

Snow angels in Centennial park! :)
This is West End!
But we still made it to my parents for their great sledding hill.
Then Valentine's Day...
Heart Shaped biscuits with eggs and bacon at breakfast. Lasagna for dinner after seeing "Valentine's Day" the movie and "The Time Traveler's Wife" on demand.
And here we are.
Jesse has just started back at the Golf Club, getting ready to open soon. I am on spring break this week. When I go back, I have 6 weeks in the hospital, and then I will graduate!! Finally.
I will try very hard to keep this updated better...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Atlanta and Waffles, but not Atlantic Waffles

Well, It's been a little while since our last's been a busy few weeks.

Before school started back, on my last weekend of summer, Jesse surprised me with a trip to Atlanta! We stayed downtown at the Hilton. It was our first trip out of town other than the honeymoon. We had a great view from the room. Here is a picture of one direction we could see.

We tried to find unique little restaurants around town to eat at. There was a HUGE line at this place called The Flying Biscuit like you see at pancake pantry here. We didn't want to wait that long, but we ended up finding another one elsewhere that had a smaller line and decided to try it. It was ok.... but for a place named after their biscuits they sure are hard. Although I guess that would make them better to throw, and "fly..." And of course... we couldn't resist a trip to IKEA. Actually I think that was the reason Jesse chose Atlanta. And of course we can't go there without a fight. I think it's because Jesse knows we are going to leave with more than he thought. And we did! But we finally got the dining chairs and TV stand we've been needing! Now the apartment looks so much more settled, lived in, purposed.

This picture is a little dark, but the tv stand is basically 8 cubes and you can see the dining chairs which are still at a card table because Dad is still working on our dining table, but I saw it the other day and it looks very close to done!!
We also got 2 other chairs since our table is going to be expandable, so we have 6 chairs total. We are keeping the other 2 in the kitchen along a blank wall for a little seating in there.

We also went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was good, but I would recommend the Chattanooga Aquarium first. The Georgia is supposed to be the largest in the world, but I think that must be by square feet. If you ask me, it should be measured by gallons of water, because it doesn't have too much of that, compared to Chattanooga anyway.

This is the Balooga whale.

Now, the waffles... :) On Labor day we made waffles for breakfast. It was the first time we have used the waffle maker we got as a wedding gift. It has 2 sided plates that make heart shaped waffles on one side and Belgian waffles on the other. So of course we made the heart shaped ones!! :)

I used Grandma's recipe, which I had never made before, and they tasted good, but they were hard. I think I am going to have to adjust my cooking time/temp. And I have to throw this last picture in for Jesse because he just loves these mixing bowls we have:

He thinks they look like baseball helmets because of the lip and the color. :) He's right. But we promise we won't put these on our heads when we cook for guests!!

Other than all this, school has started back which means I am much busier, up earlier, and a little more stressed. More annoyed than stressed though. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jesse's Birthday Week!

Jesse's birthday was yesterday, the 28th. For the past couple years we have been enjoying an idea we stole from Caitlin and Austin: birthday week. :) So we celebrate somehow everyday. We started a little early on Saturday night by going out to eat with both sides of our family. Both sets of parents, us, Matthew, and Ben all went to Mafioza's for dinner. Yum. Then we all came to our apartment where I had a cake ready, yellow of course, Jesse's favorite. Though he allowed chocolate icing for me. :) We used the special glass dessert plates my grandmother June gave us as a wedding gift. They were a wedding give to her 57(ish) years ago! Then we played a little Apples to Apples before everyone left and Jesse and I went out just the two of us.

Then, Sunday was sort of a day off, although there was still cake, because Jesse was working most of the day. But Monday we both had off work, and I planned a special surprise. I made cupcakes Sunday night, but ended up forgetting them for the Monday trip I made them for. :( Oh well. We had them Monday night when we got back from....golfing at Fall Creek Falls! 

I am not that into golfing, but everyone knows Jesse is. Well, I decided that was something he would enjoy doing for his birthday but would never guess that's what I was taking him to do. I didn't tell him a thing beforehand. He always keeps his clubs in his trunk, so I just took his car, added the balls, and packed a lunch! When we got off the interstate just past Cookeville, he saw a sign that said Fall Creek Falls, and I couldn't deny we were going there. There are only so many options that far out. So, we eventually got there and once we were in the park and I was following signs, he noticed we were following all the signs to the golf course, and figured it out. He was really excited! Mission accomplished. So we headed out, played 9 holes, stopped to grab our lunch box, and had lunch during the back 9. We played out the front according to the rules, but then skipped one or two holes in the back, and mostly played scramble. I was just too worn out, and frankly too bad to keep playing correctly!

 But we had a good time. And Jesse had never been to Fall Creek Falls, which I didn't know when I planned the whole thing, so we did a 2 mile hike to one of the falls and back. We decided we should go back soon with bathing suits. There are lots of little "swimming holes" and cascades that we would've gotten in and played for a while, but we didn't have the suits! 

When we got back home we had the cupcakes I intended to bring to the course. I even had candles and matches with me!

See the "2" and "3"? It's backwards from the camera's angle, but he's 23. :)
So then yesterday, the actual birthday, Jesse worked until 3. Then he came home, and I cooked dinner. His favorite, at least of what I can make: chicken parmigiana. Then more cupcakes of course! Then we just had a night in. I'd like to take him to the zoo tomorrow (it's ok, he already knows, and likely doesn't read this anyway) but the forecast has been rainy all week. So we'll see. Maybe Saturday. 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catch Up

Well, nothing too big going on, just want to catch up about a few things we've been doing. 

We had Jesse's parents over for dinner this past Friday for his mom's birthday. Must've been an interesting birthday. First, we completely burned the meat we were cooking for the spaghetti. Then, when Jesse went to dump the noodles through a strainer, the strainer fell and he dumped an entire box worth of noodles into the sink. Yum. So we had to wait for more noodles to cook. Then, because we don't have a table yet, we ate at the coffee table, 2 on the couch, 2 on the floor. We knew we'd have to do that though. Dad's making us a table, and it is going to be gorgeous when it's done, he's just hit a road block with some of his equipment needed to finish it. Oh, and we had a birthday cake that we managed to pull off without any mishaps.

Jesse is now working full time at the Golf Club as Assistant CaddyMaster. He's just starting but I think he will be much happier being outside again than at a desk. 

Last week, while Jesse was between the two jobs, he had a couple days off, so we decided to spend a whole day together without sitting on the couch. We had breakfast at Pancake Pantry. MM MM. And by the way, Jesse has all this planned out, and I don't have any idea where we are going until we get there. So then we drove and ended up at the Cumberland Science Museum. Well, it's the Adventure Science Museum now I guess, that's just not what I remember about it. :) Turns out, it's not much of what either of us remember about it. :) Not much in there made for anyone over 6 to enjoy. Oh well. Now we know! Then we went to the Gulch and to Urban 
Outfitters. Just looked around a little. I really like what they've done with City Hall. I thought they'd tear it down, but they just renovated a little. Looks nice. Then we had some down time 
before dinner at Sambuca. Jesse's sister, Caitlin has recommended it to us before, and we finally went. It was wonderful. It's a beautiful restaurant, and the seating is unique, big pillows in the booths and things. And the food was wonderful too. I had a big "baseball" steak. That's about the size and shape it was! And Jesse had a pizza. We had some really good appetizers too.
No room for dessert, although it sounded really good. It was a very nice day to have to spend together like this, and I love a good surprise, so it was nice to have surprise plans for the whole day! :)

We have done a little more with the apartment. Jesse hung a shelf, we got some wedding pictures in frames and hung. We FINALLY got a coffee maker! :) Now... we have some work to do on the closets soon. For sure. We are just having to be creative with small spaces as far as closets are concerned.

Oh! We got a book printed of our wedding pictures. I made it on my mac in iPhoto. It came on Friday and I LOVE it! It looks so clean and modern. It is in order so that it's like a timeline through the day. And it's nice to have something to hold and show our pictures now. I finally was able to show everyone at work yesterday.

And I think we're pretty caught up here...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simplicity Gourmet

Last night we had a small dinner party with both sets of our parents at my parents' house. We won the dinner at one of the bridal conventions we went to when planning the wedding. It was a lot of fun, and a chef comes to your house and cooks everything for you, he buys the food, and he cleans up! He shows you how he cooks everything because he is selling the cookware. It's Simplicity Gourmet brand. Although it is a sales pitch at the end, he wasn't pushy at all. I didn't feel pressured. But the stuff is amazing, and we did buy one individual piece, and mom bought a set! Now we are set up in their referral program where you can earn points and get free pieces! So if anyone is interested in having a free dinner, let me know so I can refer you to our chef!